Aravis Équitation

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Aravis Équitation

IN SUMMER - Children's course
School vacations
Full day or half day.
From beginner to gallop 3, from 3 to 14 years old.
Content: lessons, rides, acrobatics, games, horsemanship according to age and level.
During the summer and All Saints school vacations (Easter depending on weather conditions)
weather conditions), we welcome children from 3 years old, in half-day or full day.
During the course, the little riders will discover the world of the horse, as much by theory
as much by theory as by practice.
The course includes the preparation (before and after) of the horse, between 1h and 1h30 of riding
depending on the level and age of the riders, as well as a hippological part.
Note: we have a riding arena and not a riding school, in case of rain, the course is
Half day schedule : 9am-12pm or 2pm-5pm (snack included)
Full day schedule : 9am-5pm (lunch and snack included)
Half-day rate: 50€ // for a week (5 days): 235
Full day rate: 90€ // for a week (5 days): 440

Horseback riding
1h or 3h, for all riding levels
Come and discover the Aravis on horseback!
Between lake and mountain, discover the Aravis on your horse!
Several options are available:
1h ride, 35€/person
For beginners, up to galop 1, from 7 years old
The ride takes place at a walk, on the path of the Motte wood
3h ride, 90€/person For riders who have the G3 level and are
and are very comfortable with all 3 gaits. However, the instructor reserves the right to refuse a rider
to refuse a rider who does not have the required level for this type of ride.

Private lessons for 1 to 3 persons
For all levels
All year round depending on the weather
To progress alone, with two or three people, you can participate in private lessons
private lessons lasting one hour. Lessons are offered during the week
and on weekends.
Price for 1 person: 55€ per person
Rate for 2 people: 45€/person
Rate for 3 people: 35€/person

Horseback riding on snow
Duration 1 hour, for all levels of riding, from
7 years old.
In winter, we change our scenery!
In winter, the mountain is transformed to make way for snow.
Come and share an unforgettable moment, on horseback, to discover the
Aravis under its white coat.
You wish to have new sensations on horseback? Come and ride in the
in the snow!
The ride is done in groups of level (from beginner to advanced), of 6
6 people maximum, from 8 years old.
For the confirmed level, the instructor reserves the right to refuse a rider
the right to refuse a rider who does not have the required level for this type of ride.
Price for 1 hour ride : 35€/person

Ski joëring
For all levels of skiers, 30 minutes in a closed circuit.
Ski joëring is a discipline that combines skiing and horse-drawn carriage.
Discover ski joëring during an initiation in a closed circuit.
The goal is to initiate you to the practice of ski-joëring: steering, managing the paces, etc.
For all ski levels.
Children and adults.
You can be alone or in pairs behind the horse.
Course: 30 min of preparation of the horses, 30 min of practice of the skijoring.
We provide you with skis and boots. You can bring your own
Price if 2 people per horse : 35€/person
If 1 person per horse : 70€/person

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All year round.

Subject to favorable weather.

Contact et accès
Centre Équestre de La Clusaz - 564 route du ranch
74220 La Clusaz
Haute-Savoie (74)
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