Regional shared paths and greenways

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, then get ready to discover a real “French concentrate”. With almost 2,470km of routes, you’ll be spoilt for choice: Alpine landscapes, picturesque villages, riverbanks, vineyards, volcanoes or even lavender fields.   

Now everyone can indulge in their passion. Either on shared paths, which are secondary roads shared with motor vehicles but rarely used, or on greenways, which are reserved for cyclists and non-motorised transport only.


The most famous cycle route undoubtedly the ViaRhôna. This 815km route takes cyclists from across the globe from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean through a variety of emblematic landscapes.

Via Fluvia, a shared path between the Loire and the Rhône rivers 

This 120 km route brings together the Loire and the Rhône, 2 great rivers that never cross! The Via Fluvia is only a few kilometres long, but it will take you to the heart of a natural and historical heritage of breath-taking beauty!

Cycle route 70 in Auvergne, along the Allier River

This route, which will eventually be part of EuroVelo 6 (in the south of Nevers) to the Mediterranean, is a north-south crossing of the Auvergne region. Now signposted for 230km, it takes you on a tour of the vineyards, villages, castles and hilltop villages along the Allier River! 

 The Allier roadway
 The Puy-de-Dôme roadway

The greenway cycle route in the Isère Valley

The greenway cycle route in the Isère Valley 
 In the Drôme region, the 42km route takes you from the Porte du Royans to the confluence of the Rhône River. The staggering architecture of the factories, dams, bridges, canals and viaducts, will most likely take your breath away. This route is part of the ViaRhôna trail (link below), which offers 109km of greenway cycle routes.  

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Cycle route 74, the great volcano crossing by bike

Between the Val d’Allier and the Lot Valley, dare to cross the Mounts of Cantal! The 150-kilometre, route winds its way through gorges, highlands and volcanoes in an exceptional natural setting. Its route is an invitation to travel and discover the intimacy of the areas it crosses.  

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The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes greenway cycle routes are not just for cycling, but also for discovering and enjoying the many riches of the destinations they cross at your own pace. You will be sure to come across great food, wine, culture, heritage and nature along the way!